How to back up iPhone

How to back up iPhone: the beginner’s guide

If you need to back up iPhone to the cloud, the instructions for doing so are often difficult to understand.

We often take our smartphones for granted, but losing your phone, damaging it, even an unlucky software failure can mean permanently losing irreplaceable family photos and videos, important notes, essential contact information, and much more.

With nearly half a million phone thefts in England and Wales last year it’s never been more important to have a secure, up to date backup copy of all your data.

But don’t worry. There are several different ways to safely back up your iPhone easily and automatically, so regardless of how you prefer to make a copy of and store your data, there’s a solution out there for you.

Why back up iPhone data?

It’s not just about making sure that you have a copy of your important data even in the event of theft, loss or irreparable damage to your phone.

Having separate backups of your iPhone files also means you can delete them from your phone to free up more precious storage space, so your smartphone runs optimally and you still have the capacity to install apps and take more photos and videos.

Just be careful you aren’t syncing these changes across to the cloud as this could potentially delete files from your backup; using a dedicated cloud storage provider with clear settings and syncing options eliminates this issue as you control what’s backed up, how, and when.

Why use a dedicated cloud backup provider for iPhone?

Selecting a service provider that specialises in storing and backing up data has a whole host of benefits.

Multiple devices – Rather than having to pay per device and having numerous accounts and logins to remember and keep track of, specialist cloud backup providers offer a single plan that you can use to secure your whole family’s data. It’s ideal for households with several phones, tablets, and computers, particularly if you have teenagers who are forever losing their tech.

Device flexibility – Unlike with iCloud, you’re not tied to just Apple products, so with a family plan you can back up phones, tablets, computers and more regardless of manufacturer or operating system. For example, you pay once and can back up your Windows PC, Apple iPhone, and Samsung tablet freely and automatically without worrying about compatibility issues or proprietary device restrictions. Many providers even let you back up servers should you need to.

Revise & restore – With a dedicated cloud storage backup provider, you have a lot more flexibility regarding which versions of your files are stored, plus the ability to restore older copies to your device if needed.

Intensive high-level security – Cloud backup providers prioritise security and practise data compliance to exceptionally high levels as standard; their reputation and business depend on it. 128-bit or 256-bit encryption is typically featured, even on lower priced backup plans.

Cheaper prices – Backup solutions such as BackBlaze, Carbonite, Mevvo, and Acronis, offer unlimited storage space from just £3.75 per month, compared to Apple iCloud’s limited 2TB at a cost of £6.99 per month.

Buying a backup means never having to worry about hitting storage space limits, combined with the high quality service and security of a dedicated cloud storage companies.

How to back up your iPhone to the cloud

After carefully vetting numerous storage services all over the world, we’ve shortlisted the best cloud backup providers for UK iPhone users on our homepage so you can quickly compare them by price and features.

Simply sign up for the backup service of your choice, download the app, and follow the onscreen instructions to create automatic and on-demand backups of your files and data.

They are stored securely and you can choose which files are saved to the cloud if you don’t want to copy everything across or replace older files with newer versions. Some cloud backup providers, such as Carbonite, let you view your photo backups and listen to your stored music straight from the app itself.

However you decide to back up your iPhone, it’s crucial that you choose a secure and cost effective service to put your mind at rest should the worst happen.

Compare our top rated cloud storage providers side by side to see which is the iPhone backup provider for you.

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