How long does it take to backup Android phones?

How long does it take to backup Android phones?

When you’ve got piles of files on your device the first thing you want to look at is how to backup Android phones.

As Android supports external memory card storage, the average amount of data stored is typically higher than an iPhone.

While the stock internal memory on an Android device when it is brand new might be 8GB or 16GB, expandable memory can increase this limit to 64GB or 128GB.

What to do first

You may want to check how much and what kind of data is stored on your phone’s removable memory card before starting your backup.

If you don’t need all of it and can delete or exclude any before initiating your backup, this significantly speeds up the process.

You can check your storage use from your phone’s Settings menu under Storage or About.

What to do next

If you have many gigabytes of data, your first backup can take several hours depending on your internet speed.

This will depend on how fast your current upload speed is. You can test your home upload and download speeds using this industry standard Broadband Speed Checker.

We recommend you transfer data by connecting your phone to your computer using a USB cable for faster transfers.

The first time you back up your phone, all files are being copied fresh, so it is not unusual for the process to take 6-10 hours for 4GB.

After your first backup has completed, subsequent backups will be much faster.

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